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French Restoration Wax Seal Set

July 28, 2016 1 min read

This is a French Wax Seal Etui Set dated to around 1819-1838 ~ The French Bourbon Restoration Era
It comes with 19 double sided wax seals and would have originally been purchased in the Palais Royal area.

The seal case is in shades of gold with some reddish tinge to it. I believe it is brass or bronze with an Ormolu finish and comprises of 3 pieces, the outer case, the seal drawer & the frame - which holds the seal in place when you are sealing your letters. 

Lavishly decorated with garlands, cherubs, quivers of arrows, flourishes and doves. There is also a classical portrait done in a medieval style supported by one of the cherubs. I suspect this may be one of the restored Bourbon Kings of France..

There are dogs, horses, birds, flowers, french proverbs, a few days of the week and even some Aesop’s Fable seals. 

And the other side of the tablets!