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Caring for your Plum & Posey Jewelry

August 04, 2017 2 min read

How to Properly Care for your Silver Jewelry:

Sterling silver jewelry can remain looking fabulous for many years when the proper care is taken. Here are some tips to help keep your pieces looking their best:


To reduce tarnish it is important to

  • -Avoid humidity.
  • -Store pieces separately in an air tight plastic bag.
  • -Add a piece of chalk or pack of silica to reduce humidity if you have any. 

When to Remove Jewelry:

Although frequent wearing of silver jewelry is recommended as the natural oils in your skin help it to keep its shine, there are several instances when jewelry should be removed:

  • -Swimming and showering. Chemicals in the water and soap and shampoo can cause tarnish.
  • -Using household cleaners. The chemicals can cause tarnish and sometimes more serious damage such as pitting.
  • -Applying lotion, makeup and hairspray.
  • -Sleeping. Earring posts can become bent out of shape and chains can get tangled and break.
  • -Exercising. Excessive sweat can cause tarnish and necklaces and bracelets can become snagged, and break. Rings can get damaged.
  • -Gardening. Even if wearing gloves, rings can become misshapen or damaged.


  • -When polishing silver it is important to use a proper cloth. It should be non-abrasive and lint free. Never use tissue or paper towel to polish your jewelry, the paper & wood fibers in it can scratch your jewelry
  • -Avoid polishing areas that are finished with an antique patina as the piece will lose its intended appearance.
  • -Be careful when using commercial silver cleaners. These can be dangerous to both your health and your jewelry. 

Follow these guidelines to keep your sterling silver looking its best! 

** Never use a silver dip or tarnish paste on your Plum & Posey jewelry, it strips the gorgeous patina we take such care in applying.