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In Vain Destiny Seperates Us - Wax Seal Earrings

En vain le destin nous sépare {Destiny separates, but inclination unites us}

Handcrafted using the impression of an 1830’s French wax seal. This pendant features two trees, bending towards each other, across a river which separates them. Circumstances may try to part them, but through hard work, and force of will, they strive to stay together. They are meant to be.

Size: Approx 1/2" to 5/8" (13mm x 16mm) Not including hooks

Each Plum and Posey wax seal design arrives accompanied by it's own meaning card, and tucked into an elegant jewelry bag ready for gift giving.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please check sizing information - it can be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pictures alone. On some of the very small seal pieces the text is so small as to be read only with a magnifying glass making the meaning a secret between you and those you choose to tell.