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Mermaids Crest - Victorious - in Gold Vermeil

Mermaid Crest - Certavi et vici {I have fought and conquered}
This crest features a mermaid, the embodiment of grace and eloquence. The inscription reads in Latin "I have fought and conquered'
Handcrafted using the impression of an antique British wax seal from the late 18th century.

Materials: Silver, Gold, Gold vermeil
Gold vermeil is a thick layer of real gold over solid sterling silver, it offers the look and feel of solid gold at an affordable price.
Size: 1" x 1 1/4" (30mm x 24mm)

Each Plum and Posey wax seal design arrives accompanied by its own meaning card, and tucked into an elegant jewelry bag ready for gift giving.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please check sizing information - it can be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pictures alone. On some of the seal pieces the text is so small as to be read only with a magnifying glass making the meaning a secret between you and those you choose to tell.

Mermaid Crest - 414

Materials: Silver, Gold