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March 13, 2018 2 min read

This Mother’s Day, show the special mom in your life how important she is with one of these gorgeous designs. I went through our collection and came up with my 6 favourite pieces that would make the perfect present to give mom!

From L to R: 

Mama Bird – Birds Nest {I shall return}

Handcrafted using the impression of a British wax seal dating from the mid to late 1800’s, this pendant features a mama bird, flying from her nest of eggs.

Rosebud - Te Favente Virebo {Under thy favor I shall flourish}

Handcrafted using the impression of an 1840’s British wax seal, this pendant features a tightly furled rosebud, with the Latin motto ‘Te Favente Virebo’ surrounding it in a buckled belt. The rose symbolizes purity, beauty & grace, while the belt & buckle is emblematic of strength & protection.

The Three Graces - Charm, Beauty & Creativity

Handcrafted using the impression of a late 18th century English wax seal, this pendant features the Gratiae or Three Graces, known in ancient mythology as Charm, Beauty & Creativity.

The next two pieces are both titled ‘Motherhood’. Both pieces feature a pelican, which represent a mother’s love for her children. (One is a smaller version than the other)

Smaller Motherhood

Motherhood - Pour le miens {For my family}

Pelicans in heraldry represent filial or a mothers love for her children. According to legend Pelicans in times of great hunger would pierce their breast offering up their own blood as nourishment for their offspring. Their selfless sacrifice ensuring the survival of their children. Handcrafted from a French wax seal dating to the 1830’s.

Golden Apple

Vous La Méritez {You Deserve It}

Handcrafted using the impression of a French antique wax seal from the early 1800’s. The French phrase ‘Vous La Méritez’ alludes to ‘You deserve the best that life can offer’.