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Victorian Wheel Seal Fob Pendant with 6 Wax Seals - Antique

Antique fob wax seal wheel, dating to around the mid 1800's
At one time it would have been brightly gilded, but it has mellowed to a lovely dark patina of the brass metal it is made from. Some of the original brightness does still show through in areas though.
The bale is still attached and in fine working order, the whole wheel seal is in very good condition.

The 6 seals are as follows:
Text 'I left all well'
Flowers 'Forget me not'
Letter - I claim an answer
Thistle ' Dinna forget'
Text 'Love to all'
Eye of providence (I believe it says 'is watching over you')

Fob is approx: 1 1/2" long by 1" wide

This piece dates to the early-mid 1800's - It has wear and tear commensurate to it's age
Please ask any questions.

While I try to be accurate in my listings, there is always a possibility that I misread a seal.

Materials: Brass