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Antique Victorian Pencils - Lot of 4 with intaglio wax seals

Antique Victorian Pens, circa late 1800s (Four Pieces)

These circa late 1800s pens and pen seals feature "Only Room For Me" and "Adieu". One has "WHITELEY'S SCOTCH WHISKIES" engraved on the side. One pencil is missing it's intaglio from the finial.
The scotch pencil has obvious verdigris, which makes me assume it is a plated brass. The others I believe are sterling silver, but I do not guarantee this.

The pens are approx: 3 1/2" to 3 3/4" long.

These seals are antiques and sold 'As Is' Please ask any questions, and look at the photos closely. They are not perfect, they will show wear and tear. But I promise you they are awesome!