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Amazing paper ephemera from May 1820 with antique wax seal impressions on back

This is an amazing piece of late Georgian Britain paper ephemera.
Printed for a charity dinner of the Aldersgate Street General Dispensary.

The general dispensary was a charity dedicated to the sick and the poor of the area. Each year they had a charity dinner, the funds raised would be used to help pay for the medical services rendered throughout the year.

I typed a few of the names found on this list, and had search results come up for each name. One can only imagine that these were some of the 'good & great' of the 1820's.
The back of the card holds 8 wax seal impressions, in black and red. I have no researched these seals, but I assume they may have to do with some of the gentlemen who attended the charity dinner. As you can see some of the seals that had been attached are now gone, this happened long before the card came into my hands.

I originally thought to remove the rest of the seals, and frame them along with the card. But I will leave that decision up to the new owner.

Photos of personal framed seals are not included with this listing, and are only shown as a suggestion of how to frame these seals.

There are cracks in this seal(s) which is to be expected for it's age. These cracks run right through the pieces.
Please look at photos closely for condition. Sold in an as is condition.