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Back to school time

We have some eye-catching, yet simple, pieces to send you back to school in style. These unique pendants make a great addition to any outfit and have meanings to help inspire you as you continue down the road of life.

Compass Rose (Top Center)

Symbolizing courage, adventure & navigation. The compass gives direction & keeps you on your path.

Wisdom (Left)

La nuit donne consuel {The night gives good counsel} In Greek mythology Owls are the bird of Athena, the favorite daughter of Zeus. Athena represents reason, strength & wisdom.

Follow Your Star (Right)

Elle m'a bien conduit {It guides me well} Stars are symbolic of guidance, and can represent the attainment of ones dreams.

We aren’t forgetting about all of the fabulous teachers out there! This piece is for you!

Golden Apple (Bottom Center)

The French phrase ‘Vous La Meritez’ appears on this piece and alludes to ‘You deserve the best that life can offer.’