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The AMAZING Jewelry Polishing Pad - Set of 2

Tarnish happens :) Keep it at bay and your jewelry looking it's best with these fantastic polishing pads. Actually, in my opinion these polishing pads are beyond fantastic, and may even join the realm of amazing. I LOVE them for polishing off tarnish, they are what I use in my studio. You will receive 2 x 2'' polishing pads that can be used on all your jewelry to banish the 'darkness' Use these pads until they are completely black and nearly falling apart - you can clean A LOT of jewelry with a single pad. I don't throw them out till they are nearly in pieces and completely black. * Do not wet these pads. * Use on a spot that is unnoticeable first so that you are aware of how much oxidization they will remove. * Use till completely black and falling apart * Works on all types of jewelry * Arrives in a plastic bag for storage