About Us


Plum and Posey creates meaningful and timeless jewelry from casts of antique wax seals from our treasured collection. We have many rare and beautiful seals, collected from around the world by our designer Adrinna Hardy.

We like to think of our work as a celebration of the exceptional craftsmanship and artistry of the Georgian and Victorian era engravers who created these wonderful designs so rich in imagery and meaning. It is important that our jewelry convey the authentic and intended meaning of the original seals imagery and design. To this end we thoroughly research each seal with cherished copies of heraldic histories, intaglio catalogues and extremely rare editions of 18th and 19th century engravers texts. We choose to only use traditional techniques and materials – primarily gold, sterling silver and bronze, as they best suit the timeless nature of the designs.

Plum and Poseys studio is based in the heart of the historic town of Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our jewellery is carried in shops, boutiques, and galleries throughout North America and around the world.